3:30pm. Saturday. After watching a few movies at the comfort of our couch, we decided to go to Lumpini Park and play badminton again after missing it for 3 weeks. We usually spend our saturday afternoon at the park and play this game and enjoy the relaxing, serene atmosphere Lumpini Park gives. We always say that Lumpini Park is really the heart of Bangkok. Pretty much like the Central Park in New York, with just an obvious difference in size.

So we left the house quite late already. We rushed ourselves preparing our stuff and ourselves, took all the public transportation to get there, from tuktuk to Bus 507 (Public commuting is also fun in Bangkok.. and cheap!). So we got there almost close to sunset already. But since we’re determined to play and burn all the calories we got from traveling, we proceeded even if it was starting to get dark. Lumpini Park is really a healthy lifestyle haven as most of the people who go there is either jogging, or going to the free gym, zumba, walking, biking, or just relaxing by reading books, or spending time with their loved ones. In our case, we go there to play badminton for a free space, without paying for a court fee. Haha. Just us being financially wise. LOL.

Anyhow, going back, so we played a good game, started to feel the burning of calories already and sweat dropping non stop. But after 30 mins, the rain started to fall. Bummer! Though not a surprise as it rains everyday lately in Bangkok, we just thought it wouldn’t anymore. So just like what a normal human will do, we immediately looked for a covered place where we can wait until the rain stop and sadly go home. I swear, 30 mins is not enough. But what can we do? Boo!

So after 20 mins,the rain started to fade. Finally. We decided not to go home yet and instead, we tried all the newly installed exercise machines at the park to burn more. See how we missed our saturday routine? Haha. Kudos to the management of the park by putting more exercise machines. Who needs to enroll at a fitness club when you have a big park to do your gym routine for FREE? Haha. So a few push, lift, pull, stretch, etc. Then 5 mins after, it started to rain hard again. Wek! Wek! Grrr!

Then we looked at each other and said, what the heck, let’s enjoy the rain!!!

alexander in the rain

For the first time in Thailand, I intentionally took a shower under the rain, while in Lumpini Park! Haha. We continued exercising at the park, then played badminton again after, all with a refreshing shower of the rain. It felt so good. Reminiscing good old childhood memories. It was so liberating. Perfect scenario as there was also less crowd (now thanks rain for pushing them all out of the park, haha). I went all the way! I took off my slippers (okay, not my clothes) and played, enjoyed and had fun in the rain for another hour. Our crowd was all of those black crows all hiding and nesting from the trees, surprisingly quiet the whole time watching us having fun and maybe thinking, “those crazy humans!”. Haha.

It is one of my unforgettable experiences in Thailand after being here in this country more than 2 years already. Who can exercise and play badminton while raining at Lumpini Park? Hehe. Good thing we always have our spare clothes in our bag when we play badminton. There are toilets, changing room and showers for free too available at the park. Then we left feeling healthy, happy and like a 5 year old kid again. Haha!

Now, finally got home. And guess what?! I’m not feeling well. Hahaha! Only physically unwell though. But my mind and heart are all healthy and happy. I had so much fun!!

Where’s my tylenol?!! Lol.

Happy TGIS!